What to expect for the fulfillment and shipping of your apparel order:

Our gbg.boutique has just launched and we are starting out by trying a pre-order fulfillment process with a print shop to see how we like it. If you have never participated in a pre-order with a company before - we wanted to explain what that is. Since our Boutique is an online shop, we do not stock Inventory.


What does that look like?

 When orders come in, our print shop places a weekly order for the shirt sizes and colors that were ordered that week.

When they receive the shirts, they then print our designs on them and ship them out to you.


How long does it take?

This process can take anywhere from a week to a few weeks to receive your order, depending on a variety of factors such as how far you live from their shipping center or any supply chain fun that might take place. We also loooooove giving you lots of shirt color options to choose from- however, if a color you selected happens to be out of stock at one warehouse, they might have to order it from another warehouse that is a little further away, which could add some extra time to the process.

If you are in a hurry to get your shirt, choosing a basic color such as Navy, Black, White or Grey can give you the best chance of your shirt being available at the nearest warehouse.

Our Monthly Merch designs are only available for you to purchase for THAT month. This allows us to create seasonal designs in advance to ensure that you get them in time for the Holiday/Season. Once the month ends, we will stop taking pre-orders for that design.

Our Core Collection Designs stay on the site and are also available as a pre-order. These designs are not seasonal so they will always be available to order. Just keep in mind the time frame for the pre-order process when ordering them.

If we are creating apparel for an Event for you, we factor this process into your event package plan to ensure that your shirts arrive in time for your Event.

We are very open to your feedback! We are experienced in the design world, however providing our designs to you on apparel verses printed or digital tools, is an entirely new industry to us. We appreciate your continued support of our brand and your patience as we navigate the world of apparel! We will be exploring different shirt brands, products and possibly different print shops if we need to. Any feedback you have on the quality and fit of the apparel we selected or your experience, is very helpful!

Love, your GBG Team

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